Director’s Message

Director’s Message

You obviously have a lot of concern regarding the school you choosefor your child. Having closely observed these concerns for decades,Bless International School has turned your dream school into reality.With small class size a pioneering child-centric approach the widestchoice of curricular and co-curricular facilities and handpickedfaculty Bless International School is an institution for parents whocare for their child’s future.

“I don’t teach my children, I create conditions to learn” said AlbertEinstein. Taking a cue from this, the school has created a learningambience by a positive and supportive relationship among students, staff and parents.

The aim of education is to convert young minds into a living fountainand not reservoir. Over the last few years we realized that the youngmind is potential waiting to be released through proper education. We are trying to achieve this not within the four walls of theclassroom but through free play. Each programme is designed toevolve an individual facet of a children’s personality by simulating the young naturally and in a natural environment.

The object of the institution is to promote and inculcate a valuebased culture and instill a sense of commitmentin addressing socialissues and concerns for the under-privileged under the care ofeminent scholars who regard it as their most sacred duty to educatethe mind and mould the character.

We understand that the language is the back-bone of studies and,therefore, BIS gives attention strengthening languages at initialstages. Small class-size of 30 students provide highly personalize dattention. Continuous evaluation, supervision and guidance helpstudents in learning self discipline and human values.

A major train of thought which underlines the aims, objectives andgoals is the development of all students as well-adjusted, confident,independent and free thinking individuals. This equips them to facethe world when they leave the portals of the institution.

Dr. S.N. Gilani