Advisory Board

Chairman's Message

I must thank all of you who have supported and got their wards of best education in Bless International School. We strive to put our all efforts to give real value of not only theoretical education but practical, social, physical and emotional also.You must have felt a radical and quality change in total behavior of your wards. I would all ways look forward to meet you at our school campus.

My Self as a Chairman at BIS

My constant efforts are aimed at empowering our students and creating responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

I believe in teaching our students how to think rather than what to think.

BIS curriculum is based on a theory.  Which we commonly refer to as the 5 Es: “Engaging”, “Exploring”, “Explaining”, “Enlarging”, and “Evaluating”.

We as BIS, recognizes that with the existing popular educational curricula, children lose touch with skills that everyday life in society demands.  These skills may be as inconspicuous as replacing a fused bulb. However the institution seeks to make its students more self-reliant through the advocacy of these lessons in life skills.


Towards this purpose, a life skills lab has been built and established. Everyday life skills like fixing leaks, mending and electrical troubleshooting will be taught in this lab.

In addition home management skills like cooking, gardening and home economics are part of the life skills development programme.

Fasih Ahmed

Our Core Team and fellow members are below

Dr. Muhammad Perwez Hassan
Ex. Chairman Jharkhand Public Service Commission, Ranchi.

Dr. Sanjay Paswan
Former Minister of HRD & IT, Govt of India, New Delhi

Dr. Muhammad Athar Ali
Associate Professo, Saudi Electronic University, Reyadh (KSA)

Dr. Mithlesh Kumar Singh
Reader, Ranchi University, Department of Hindi

Mrs.Shadan Razi
Convener Chishti Foundation

Mr.Ashish Veer Singh “Tekari”
Prince of Tekari Estate

Mr.Sarwar Raza
Faculty IIM Kashipur & Corporate Lawyer, New Delhi.