Motto & Vision


            The school strand for

Knowledge: that will inspire a quest

Compassion: that awakens an understanding the basic equality of life, whatever its form.

Strength: to stay true to one’s self.

                To inculcate these intrinsic values the School dedicates itself tomaking the leading process a challenging, rewarding and joyful experience, imparting a liberal education with emphasis on collaborative learning, problem solving skill, co-operation, mutual respect and sense of responsibility.

The motto “Service Before Self”

                The motto of our educational institution is a remainder to everyone thatwe belong to a cause larger than ourselves. We at Bless InternationalSchool lay the highest emphasis on making our students selfless humanbeing above all, else for it is indeed in giving that we receive; it is in serving others that we find the utmost satisfaction and peace.

The Vision


           Bless International School is committed to nurturing the inherent potential of each child to create lifelong learners and future global leaders capable of ushering in a better social order.