Transport-busThe school owns a fleet of buses carrying highly trained drivers and helpers supported by mobile phone, running as per the directives of the Bihar Govt. A GPS wireless system is followed round the clock for tracking of the buses. Transport fee is to be charged for both the ways. The buses pick up or drop students only at the stop fixed by the school. In case a student who wants to discontinue the school transport, he/she will have to give one month’s notice or shall have to one month’s charge in lieu thereof.

Rules regarding school transport


  1. All the buses charges must be paid in advance along with tuition fee.
  2. Transport charges are to be paid for whole academic year.
  3. Bus fee once paid will not be refunded on any account.
  4. One month’s notice will be required to discontinue the bus facility. Bus charges are subject to revision by the Managing Committee.
  5. If a child doesn’t maintain discipline while traveling in the bus his\her name will be struck off from the bus users register under intimation to the parents concerned and fee already paid shall be forfeited and the students is liable to be dismissed from the school.
  6. Children, who are not in prescribed school uniform, will not be lifted by the bus staff.
  7. Complaints, if any, regarding bus staff should be made in writing to the Transport In-charge.
  8. If a parent wants to take his child with him during school hours due to some unavoidable emergency must inform the concerned bus staff or the bus in charge about it.
  9. If for any reason whatsoever, the school decides to cancel or change any route of any school bus, the parents shall have no objection to it and will make their own arrangement about conveyance for their children.
  10. School is not responsible for any happenings while coming to school and going back to their respective destination.