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Welcome to Bless International School

We have an unique blend of teaching methods, best curriculum, creative teaching enablers and also a focus on the student’s overall development.

Our Approach

A conscious mix of traditional Indian aesthetics and the latest technology.

Instill Indian cultural values while developing a global perspective. Junior teachers are mentored by the senior teachers.

Real life community projects that students take up to understand society and their responsibilities towards it.

PRINCIPAL MESSAGE –  Mrs. Sudha Chowdhary

We hope to provide you with some useful information about our school and to give you an insight into the wealth of experiences we offer our students.

Offering the broadest range of practical and academic subjects in the area, we endeavor to provide each student with a curriculum which both challenges and inspires them to reach their individual potential.

In our school, it is our aim that they actually know that they are important, that they feel valued and respected and leave here happy every evening.  They are allowed to grow and mature in a safe, creative and holistic environment that is constantly changing to meet their needs.

I am immensely proud of and impressed by the professionalism, commitment, dedication and teamwork of the staff to ensure an excellent education for all our students in a caring and supportive environment.  Recently introduced structures such as formal Care Team collaboration and Academic Monitoring, in conjunction with an already well-established Tutor system enables us to promote an environment where the emotional, behavioral and educational needs of our students can be supported in a positive and reassuring way.

A critical thinker being one with an ability to learn, unlearn and relearn is at the heart of  21st century education philosophy . Building the intellectual capacities of young minds with its branches in analytical ability, critical thinking and problem solving skills is addressed in this domain. It is important for a teacher to stimulate curiosity and allow the learner to explore it in their way. The ability to look for options and think outside the box is a critical prerequisite in today’s world.  The teaching methods used are presentations, projects, quizzes and use of technology in the form of animations, games and videos.

The value disposition of a student is of vital significance in their progression as a leader. The focus is on the personal value system and values that once developed are good for the individual and the society in general. Values are not preached but identified and demonstrated through activities and discussions. Every lesson with the first task being to identify the values in it. The affective domain will be developed to ensure that the learner realizes the greater significance of what is taught.

Feelings – No learning happens without the appeal to emotions. All learning will be packaged with emotions of being a leader, an involved learner and the need to be motivated, enthusiastic, positive in all one undertakes. The teacher is passionate, enthusiastic and leads an inquiry into all aspects of learning. The teacher reaches the brain of the learner through the heart. This leads concepts to being retained for a longer time as the heart does not tire easily while the brain does. The teacher establishes rapport, uses appreciative inquiry and adopt the fair and equitable classroom management practices. The classroom instruction materials include biographical sketches, inspirational stories, role plays, surveys and case studies which stir the emotions of the child and get them interested in what they are doing.

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Principles that guide this model of teaching are:

  1. Ask more How and Why Questions related to a concept.

  2. Encourage think time while formulating answers to questions.

  3. Probe multiple perspectives while thinking about an idea.

  4. Elicit responses related to the five senses while observing a phenomena.

  5. Narrate incidents to engage learners in value based discussion.

  6. Use time out when ideas are not fruitful and class is likely to be disturbed.

  7. Use mental imagery to create scene while teaching history.

  8. Create a graffiti wall to summarize.

  9. While narrating a story, dress in the costume of a character to create a lasting impression.

  10. Vary your tone & accent while narrating a story.

  11. Create a song on Science concepts based on rhymes.

  12. Use the emotional barometers to check the mood of children and re-focus attention.

  13. Create a story corner in the classroom with toys to get children involved.

Envision to build intellectuals with a spirit of curiosity, diversified talents, operational excellence and a strong spirit to render service with selflessness rooted in indian culture and global perspectives.

The Bless International School is an embracive community dedicated to innovation and excellence in academics and creativity. It also emphasizes engagement in amassing knowledge aimed at the betterment of the world around us.